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Haas Factory Outlet

Benefits of Haas Rotary

Formally called Haas Rotaries & Indexes but often referred to simply a Haas Rotary, this company has a long history of excellence, making it one of the most trusted brands of machinery in the world. The company was initially founded in 1983 by Gene Haas, which at that time was called Haas Automation.

Over the years, the company grew to what it is today. However, Haas Rotary will always be known as the first company in the world to manufacture a fully programmable 5C collet indexer. The combination of high quality, unrivaled expertise, dependability, and affordable prices is why the company continues to dominate the industry.

Current Product Line

Currently, Haas Rotary offers over 35 unique models of indexers and rotary tables, each of superior quality and accuracy. Included in the line of indexers are specialized units capable of maximum productivity for very discerning customers. In addition to these indexers being made from quality materials, they are continuously re-engineered and refined to product outstanding results.

To pass incredible products and savings onto the customer, Haas Rotary follows very strict manufacturing processes within its own facility. The company has the ability to control the machining process, which translates into accuracy and quality for the customer. For instance, Haas Rotary is widely known for their rotary tables, which at the core is a large diameter worm gear meshing made from aluminum and bronze coupled with a ground worm of alloy steel submerged in a bath of synthetic oil.

Haas Rotary does many things different from other companies. For instance, thecompany cuts the worm gear while still attached to the spindle opposed to assembling it first. With this process, absolute concentricity is achieved between the large diameter ball bearings and worm gear so the customer enjoys years of flawless operation.

Additional Areas of Expertise

In addition to rotary tables, the company has expertise in the manufacturing of many other products to include:

  • Lathes – Haas Rotary offers a complete line of CNC turning centers as well. These machines have a wide range of capabilities and are often used by more modern machine shops.
  • Horizontal CNC Machining – Another offering by Haas Rotary is horizontal machining centers that are rigid and powerful.
  • Vertical CNC Machining –To meet different types and levels of demands, Haas Rotary offers a variety of CNC vertical machines.