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Options for a CNC Lathe in Ontario

Machine shops in Ontario can greatly benefit from the use of a CNC lathe. When considering the purchase of a CNC lathe in Ontario, it is important to understand the components of such machines and the different types of machines available on the market today.

The primary components of a CNC lathe in Ontario are the ways, bed, and headstock. The bed is the primary component. Other components that are used in a CNC lathe include the cross feed slide, compound rest, feed rod, tailstock, apron, and lead screw.

CNC Lathe TorontoA variety of different options are available if you are looking for a CNC lathe in Ontario, including engine lathes, special purpose lathes, and turret lathes. There are also various sizes of lathes available, depending upon the needs of your business. For instance, lightweight lathes are good option when you are looking for a lightweight tool that can be bench mounted. Large lathes are also available. Such lathes are typically floor mounted and require specialized transportation.

In deciding which type of CNC lathe is right for your business, you may find it beneficial to speak with a specialist.