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Machine Tools used for CNC Machining

Although there are many different machine tools associated with CNC machining, some are considered more common than others. These tools perform very precise operations that are automated through a software program and internal computer. Regardless of the material, unique cuts, punches, and designs are created based on the tool being used.

Commonly Used Tools

  • Milling – Of all machine tools used, milling is at the top of the list. These include chamfer, ball nose, bull nose, and flat. Chamfer mills feature an angled nose that creates a chamfer but can also help de-burr parts. A ball nose is for 3D milling while a bull nose mills at a radius corner. The flat nose is specifically for milling pockets and 2D contours.
  • Face Mill – For cutting inserts that need to be replaced after wearing down, a face mill is used. This tool is rigid, removes material quickly, and can have up to eight or more cutting edges.
  • Corner Radius – Also referred to as a Corner Round, this machine tool places a fillet on the outside corner of the part being worked
  • Slot Mill – This tool is also known as a slotting saw and includes Woodruff keyset cutters, slitting saws, and side milling cutters. Regardless, the tool creates undercuts and slots.
  • Hole Making – Among the different machine tools that cut holes there is a center drill, countersink drill, and combined drill. While a center drill is short and rigid for creating a conic on the part’s shape, a countersink creates a conical face for machine screws. The combined drill makes the screw clearance hold but also countersinks in one operation.
  • Cutting – Machine tools used for cutting are designed to remove material. This is accomplished by material being sheared away as s the cutting tool advances further into the material being worked. The outcome is a chip.

Because machine tools are used for very specific reasons and to create unique outcomes, they must be operated by a trained professional. Although there are many companies that offer CNC machining services, not all are created equal. One company that stands out from the competition is Sirco Machinery, which has a long history of excellence for applications, as well as customer service.