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Maintenance Tips for CNC Lathes

Annual maintenance is a must to ensure that CNC lathes operate in optimal condition. Whether you use your CNC lathe for producing a single piece or you use it for manufacturing thousands of pieces daily, your CNC lathe can be an integral component to any machine shop. Making sure that you employ regular maintenance can ensure that you extend the life of your equipment and reduce costs.

CNC MaintenanceBegin by implementing an annual preventive maintenance program. The annual program that you put in place for maintaining your CNC lathes should include backlash measurement, turret alignment, and inspection of the coolant pump. Along with implementing a yearly inspection program, it is also a good idea to ensure you perform a quarterly inspection. As part of the quarterly inspection, it is a good idea to drain the hydraulic oil from your CNC lathe and replacement it with new fluids. This is also a good time to drain the coolant and install new coolant.

Along with performing quarterly and annual maintenance, you should also make sure that all debris and chips are cleaned up from your CNC lathes daily. This will ensure that debris does not become entangled around the guards.